Walking in Marunouchi Area

Marunouchi Area in Tokyo used to be an office district until some fifteen years ago.  But the whole area was redeveloped in the past couple of decades and it turned into the mixture of offices and shopping complexes.  In the late 1990s, if you visit there on weekends, there were only few people walking on…

Visiting Chrysanthemum Festival

November is a season for chrysanthemum, the flower Japanese people like from the ancient times.  Therefore, we have chrysanthemum festivals here and there.  Yushima Tenjin Shrine which is a sacred place to pray for your success in academics also has Chrysanthemum Festival at this time of the year.

Gibbous Moon Night

Japanese people like to admire the moon from the old days.  Autumn moon has been said to be the most beautiful and we celebrate Full Moon Night in October.  That night is called Jugoya which literally means “fifteenth night”.  This is because every fifteen day after the new moon, you will see the full moon.