Winter Flowers in Ueno

I posted abotu Peony Festival in Ueno.  In Toshogu Shrine where the festival is held, there are other flowers, too.  Winter has fewer flowers than other seasons but still there are many that you can enjoy.

Admiring Peony in Ueno

Ueno is an area which has many temples and shrines some of which are registered as Important Cultural Assets of Japan or Tokyo.  But it is not only temples and shrines that worth visiting.  You can also enjoy nature in those temples or shrines.  Toshogu Shrine for example is a shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu…

Looking Around Snowy Tokyo

Tokyo is definately not the snowy place.  But it snows once or twice in a year and today was the day.  It started snowing in the morning and it is still snowing now at 10 pm.  It seems it snows as much as 20 cm so far.