Hamamatsu Station – Shinkansen and Eel Bento

Shinkansen, the Japanese high-speed rail has several types.  For example, between Tokyo and Osaka, Shinkansen “Nozomi” stops the least stations so you can go to Osaka fastest, while “Kodama” stops at many stations.  The number of stations “Hikari” stops is something between Nozomi and Kodama.  So some Shinkansen skips some stations. Advertisements

Shiseido Corporate Museum in Kakegawa City

Shiseido is a Japanese popular cosmetic company.  The company has a corporate museum in Kakegawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture which shows its 145-year history.  Shiseido started services in 1872 as the first western-style pharmacy in Japan.  The museum has a large collection of posters, advertisements and packages of cosmetics.

Visiting Castles in Shizuoka

There are several castles in Shizuoka.  Many of them are not original but still you can admire the beautiful shapes.  These castles are usually related to Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first Shogun of Edo Era started in 1603.  And conveniently, they are close from the Shinkansen Stations.