Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine in Harajuku, Tokyo worships Emperor and Empress Meiji which was constructed after the Emperor died.  It was completed in 1920.  The property was for the residence of samurai clan which was then purchased by the royal family.  Today, this is the shrine which has the largest number of visitors on New Year’s Day…

Halloween Is Coming Soon

Long time no see!  The last time I posted here, it was still hot but now it has become cooler and it’s October.  Over the past few years, with some reason, Halloween suddenly become popular in Japan.  At this time of the year, wherever you go in Tokyo, you will find orange and black figures.

Koshin-to, Monuments of Monkeys

In old days Japan, there was a certain type of religion called Koshin which originally meant a certain day under the Chinese zodiac calender.  On this day, people stayed up to make poems, play board games, have parties, etc.  Koshin under the zodiac calender is a monkey.  Therefore, later on during Edo Era between 16th –…

Last Week for Shibuya PARCO

Shibuya PARCO has been a symbol of Shibuya fashion and Shibuya culture since it was opened in 1973.  But it’s going to close next Sunday, August 7th because of the reconstruction.  They are now having a final big sale this week so don’t miss the last chance grab Shibuya PARCO fashion.