500 Statues of Luchans, Buddhism Saints

If you visit Kawagoe, don’t miss Kita-in Temple.  This temple has an architecture where the third Shogun, the top of Edo government in the 17th century was born.  He was actually born in Edo which is current Tokyo but the architecture was later removed to this place.  The main building of the temple is large.  But more…

Sea Merchants’ Residences in Toyama

From mid 17th Century till 19th Century, there was a famous sea route called Kitamaebune (which literally means the “north-bound ships”) and those sea merchants who sails along this sea routes made profits.  The ports of this sea route became prosperous because of the lucrative sea trade and there were many big merchants’ residences in those…

Local Foods in Hokuriku and Takayama

Since the start of Hokuriku Shinkansen in 2015, Hokuriku Region became very popular although even before the Shinkansen, it had been a famous tourism spot.  I have been writing about Takayama – a Traditional Townscape, Photo of the Day – Shirakawago and Gokayama and Medicine in Toyama and I will add one more topic.  The Foods.

Medicine in Toyama

If you visit Takayama or Shirakawago and Gokayama, Toyama is easy to include in your itinerary.  Since Hokuriku Shinkansen started the services to Hokuriku region, it has become easy to get to Toyama from Tokyo.  Toyama is famouse for selling medicines which started in mid 16th century.

Takayama – a Traditional Townscape

If you visit Shirakawago and Gokayama, maybe you will also visit Takayama which is near from the World Heritage Site, though FYI, it’s not a walking- or biking-distance.  It’s about one-hour drive.  This is also a historic town developed with Takayama Castle which was established in 1585.  It is often called as Hida Takayama – Hida is a…