Photo of the Day – Bonsai

From today till next Sunday, the World Bonsai Convention is held in Sonic City in Saitama. Omiya of Saitama prefecture is famous for Bonsai, the Japanese miniature gardening or plant arrangement. To celebrate the Convention, they are exhibiting many Bonsai arts in Omiya Station.  Advertisements

Shaving Dried Bonito

Today’s posting is not about walking and biking but about gourmet.  Japanese dashi soup which is rich in flavor can be made by adding shaved dried bonito.  But what is bonito?  It looks like this – it’s a fish. This is about 30 cm long and it costs about 2,000 yen.  By using a special plane,…

Travel with Shinkansen

If you want to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima within a short period of time, you’d better take shinkansen, Japanese high-speed railway or better-known as bullet train.  If you take shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto, try sit down on the right side and you will have a great view of Mt. Fuji. There are several…

Local Foods in Hokuriku and Takayama

Since the start of Hokuriku Shinkansen in 2015, Hokuriku Region became very popular although even before the Shinkansen, it had been a famous tourism spot.  I have been writing about Takayama – a Traditional Townscape, Photo of the Day – Shirakawago and Gokayama and Medicine in Toyama and I will add one more topic.  The Foods.

Takayama – a Traditional Townscape

If you visit Shirakawago and Gokayama, maybe you will also visit Takayama which is near from the World Heritage Site, though FYI, it’s not a walking- or biking-distance.  It’s about one-hour drive.  This is also a historic town developed with Takayama Castle which was established in 1585.  It is often called as Hida Takayama – Hida is a…