Abekawa Mochi Rice Cakes

I recently visited Shizuoka Prefecture so I am going to post several articles about where I went there.  The first posting is about special sweets in Shizuoka called Abekawa Mochi, the rice cakes dredged with soy bean and sugar powder.  The origin of these sweets go back to early 17th century.

Shogun Ieyasu, the founder of Edo Government started in the 17th century once visited Abekawa River.  He dropped by a teahouse nearby where he was served with these sweets.  It is said that the owner of the teahouse put the soy bean powder as the gold dust of Abekawa River.

Abekawa Mochi

Abekawa Mochi at Sekibeya in Shizuoka

The above photo shows three different kinds of sweets.  Rice cakes with yellowish powder are Abekawa Mochi.  The black coloured balls are often called as Ankoro Mochi which are rice cakes covered with bean curd.  White rice cakes are plain rice cakes and you put them into soy source with horse raddish.  They are called as Karami Mochi.

The rice cake shop I had Abekawa Mochi was Sekibeya, the very old teahouse opened in 1804.

This teahouse is located near from Abekawa River and Abekawa Bridge which was constructed in 1923.  The style of the bridge is called bowstring truss. Originally, the bridge had 14 trusses (arches).  (At present, it has 12 trusses and one Lohse bridge.)

By Niba, CC 表示 3.0, Link

For More Information on Sekibeya

Address: 5-24 Miroku 2-chome, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City

Opening hrs: 10 am – 5 pm (closed on Thursdays)

Price: Abekawa Mochi 600 yen, Karmi Mochi 600 yen


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