Morning Glory Festival in Denzu-in Temple

Bunkyo-ku in Tokyo holds five flower festivals in a year.  They are the Festivals of Plum Flower, Cherry Blossoms, Azalea, Hydrangea, Morning Glory & Chinese Lantern and Chrysanthemum.  The third weekend of July is the time for Morning Glory & Mouth Cracker Festival.  The venues are Denzu-in Temple for morning glories and Genkaku-ji Temple for Chinese lanterns.

I went there early in the morning so Chinese lanterns were not ready yet.  So I skipped Gengaku-ji Temple and went to the Zenko-ji Zaka Slope.  This slope stretches out the property of Denzu-in Temple.  In the middle of the slope, there is Zenko-ji Temple which is also a part of the venue of Morning Glory Festival.  This temple exhibits the unusual types of morning glories.

Go up the Zenko-ji Zaka Slope further more and in front of Denzu-in Temple, there is a very big Aphananthe aspera or oriental elm tree.

Aphananthe aspera, oriental elm in front of Denzu-in Temple

This tree is 400 years old. The top part was destroyed by the bombing during the World War II. But the new branches came out again and now forms a big shade of greens.

Inside Denzu-in Temple is the main venue of the festival where they sell morning glories.

The festival is held until tomorrow, July 23rd.

For More Information on Denzu-in Temple

Address: 14-6 Koishikawa 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


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