Climbing Three Mt. Fuji in Tokyo in One Day

As I wrote in my previous post, on 30th June and 1st July are special days for Mt. Fuji when the mountain opens for the public to climb.  Since it is the highest mountain in Japan, not everyone can climb to the top.  Therefore, in old days in Japan, people built small mountains in their town so that many people could climb easily.  Such miniature mountain is called Fuji-zuka.  Piety on Mt. Fuji became popular during Edo Era around 17th and 18th century and many miniature Fuji were built in Japan.  At the heyday, it was said that there were 808 Fuji in Edo, current Tokyo. Today, some shrine still have the ceremony of mountain opening of Fuji-zuka on July 1st.  The ceremony of Komagome Fuji Shrine is one of the most famous in Tokyo of which I wrote in my previous post.  The mountain is about 5.5-meter high.


Gokoku-ji Temple, not so far from Komagome Fuji Shrine has Mt. Fuji with Sengen Jinja Shrine on top.

This mountain is 7-meter high.  The route to the top is regarded as a trail up the mountain and there are stationposts from 1st to 9th.


From Gokoku-ji Temple, take Yurakucho Line and go to Senkawa and there is another Mt. Fuji – Takamatsu Fuji.  This mountain is 8-meter high and the highest among the three.


Here are some other Mt. Fuji in Tokyo.

1.Kaizo-ji Temple

Kaizo-ji Temple in Mukogaoka

The Mt. Fuji of this temple is a  tomb of Jikigyo Miroku who promoted piety on Mt. Fuji during Edo Era.  You cannot climb this mountain, though.

Address of Kaizo-ji Temple:  25-10 Mukogaoka 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


2.  Susanoo Jinja Shrine

Susanoo Shrine Susanoo Shrine

This shrine was built in 795.  Fuji-zuka was built in 1865 in Sengen Jinja Shrine in this shrine.

Address of Susanoo Jinja Shrine: 60-1 Minami Senju 6-chome, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


3. Shitaya Ono Terusaki Jinja Shrine

Ono Terusaki Shrine in Uguisudani

The above is a photo of Sengen Jinja Shrine inside Ono Terusaki Shrine.  Behind the gate, there is a mountain covered with green grass.  This Fuji-zuka opens for the public to climb on mountain opening day.  The mountain is called Shitaya Sakamoto Fuji.

Address of Ono Terusaki Jinja Shrine: 13-14 Shitaya 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo


4. Hakusan Jinja Shrine

It was difficult to take a good photo of Fuji-zuka in this shrine so here are photos of exterior appearance.  Mt. Fuji is covered with hydrangea and people can climb this miniature mountain not on mountain opening day of 1st July but during one-week Hydrangea Festival held annually in June.

Address of Hakusan Jinja Shrine: 31-26 Hakusan 5-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


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