To Celebrate the Opening of Mt. Fuji in Tokyo

1st of July is the day Mt. Fuji opens for mountain climbing.  Many people climb up Mt. Fuji during the night and wait for the sun rising at the top of the mountain.  And there are several Mt. Fuji in Tokyo and some of them also celebrate the opening day.

The mountains were regarded as sacred from the ancient times in Japan.  And Mt. Fuji was particularly important and there are many Sengen Jinja Shrine throughout Japan which worships the God of Mt.Fuji.  And during Edo Era between 17th and 19th century, the climbing of Mt. Fuji became very popular among the general public.  At that time, Fuji Jinja Shrines were constructed and the miniature Mt. Fuji was built inside.

Each Fuji Jinja Shrine had a group called Fuji-ko whose member worshiped the miniature Mt. Fuji in the shrine and made a trip to the real Mt. Fuji in turn.  Every year on 1st of July, they celebrated the opening of the mountain which lasts to this day.  Many people come to the shrine on 1st of July to worship Mt. Fuji.

Komagome Fuji Shrine is one of those Fuji Shrines which has a miature Mt. Fuji.  The shrine came to the current location in 1628.  It is said that Fuji-ko of this shrine is one of the oldest and this group was made of fire fighters of the town of Edo, current Tokyo.  On the day of the opening of the mountain, there are many stalls in the shrine who sell sweets, fried noodles, or children’s toys.

The Mt. Fuji in this shrine is known as Komagome Fuji.

This shrine sells special sweets called Mugi Rakugan which is made of roasted barley flour.  They have the shape of Mt. Fuji.  They are very delicious!  One package was 700 yen but it’s almost gone in my house in just one day.  So I think I will go there again to buy some more.

The festival of the opening of the mountain lasts until 2nd July.

For More Information of Komagome Fuji Jinja Shrine

Address: 7-20 Hon-komagome 5-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Access: 12 min walk from Sengoku Station of Toei Mita Line
13 min walk from Hon-komagome Station of Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
12 min walk from Komagome Station of JR Yamanote Line and Tokyo Metro Namboku Line




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