Summer Ritual “Nagoshi-no-Harae”

At the end of June, you may find a large ring made of a rope in the property of shrine.  It looks like this.

Fukiage Inari Shrine

The ring called “chinowa”

This ring called Chinowa is made of plants called Chigaya.  On the day of the ritual at the end of June, you will cross this ring and it is said that the stigma of the first six months of the year will be taken away from you and that you will be purified.  This ritual is called Nagoshi-no-Harae.  It is a symbol of summer.

The details of this ritual is explained in here.

I visited Fukiage Inari Shrine and crossed Chinowa.  There is a certain way of doing the crossing.  First you cross the ring and turn left.  You cross again and this time turn right.  You cross one more time and turn left.  This three-time crossing is called Chinowa Kuguri which means crossing of Chinowa.  The ritual started at six pm.  First the chief priest Guji offered a prayers and the assembled followed.  After that, people crossed the ring.  There were about a hundred people in the shrine and we all finished crossing before seven pm.  Then we had sake, the rice wine offered to the god and after that we were all treated with cold beer and soft drinks.



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