Another Iris Garden in Tokyo – Renewal Open Next Year

Not so far from Mizumoto Park I wrote yesterday, there is another famous spot for Iris – Horikiri Iris Garden.  Horikiri has been famous for iris since 18th century when an estate steward of that area started growing iris.  There are many Ukiyoe paintings of Horikiri.

Utagawa Hiroshige I, published by Uoya Eikichi - Horikiri Iris Garden (Horikiri no hanashōbu), from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (Meish... - Google Art Project.jpg
By Utagawa Hiroshige I, published by Uoya Eikichi (1797 – 1858) – Artist (Japanese)
Details of artist on Google Art Project
qgFCjAmgF1vaxA at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, パブリック・ドメイン, Link

The Iris in Horikiri

The Iris in Horikiri by Hiroshige Ando

The park is supervised by Katsushika-ku and surprisingly the admission is free.  However the garden is now under the renovation and this year, the garden was open only the limited period of time between May and June.  This year’s Iris Festival was over last week so now the garden is closed.  The newly renovated garden will be open next April and there will be more iris.

The season of iris is the first half of June.  You can still enjoy them at the end of June but by that time, the peak is already gone.

For More Information on Horikiri Iris Garden

Address: 19-1 Horikiri 2-chome, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

Access: 10 min walk from Horikiri Shobuen Station of Keisei Line

The garden is temporarily closed due to the renovation and it will reopen next April.  The annual Iris Festival will be held in the first half of June and during the festival, there will be shuttle bus services between Iris Garden and Mizumoto Park.


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