Hydrangea Festival in Hakusan Jinja Shrine

June is a rainy season in Japan.  There is a typical Japanese illustration for this season – a snail and hydrangea.  With some reason, many Japanese think snails stay on leaves of hydrangea.  Here is a link to the result of google search.  So June also reminds me of hydrangea and indeed there is a hydrangea festival.

One of the most famous Hydrangea Festivals in Tokyo is held in Hakusah Jinja Shrine.  It is said that the shrine was first built in 948 in current Hongo area in Bunkyo-ku which is near from the present location.  It was moved to the place of the current botanical garden in Koishikawa during 17th century but it was decided that Shogun‘s residence be built there so the shrine was once again moved to the current place.

There is a miniature Mt. Fuji in this shrine which is covered with hydrangea.  During Hydrangea Festival in early June, the mountain is open to the public.  Why Mt. Fuji in a shrine?  The story is in my past posting.

This year’s festival is held between June 10 – 18.  There are many stalls inside the shrine who sell foods, beverages and hydrangea.


For More Information on Hakusan Jinja Shrine

Address: 31-26 Hakusan 5-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Access: 2 min from Hakusan Station of Toei Mita Line
7 min from Hon-Komagome Station of Tokyo Metro Namboku Line


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