Biking and Walking in Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka is one of the traditional towns in Tokyo but at the same time, it is one of the modern stylish towns, too.  Everybody enjoys walking in this town from the elder people to the younger generations.  Though it has many slopes here, it is also enjoyable to bike around the town.

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There are many cafes here.  And with some reasons, almost always bikes are parked in front of the entrance.

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Looking at these cafes, you can see why Akagi Shrine has become very stylish shrine with a cafe.

Akagi Shrine looks very modern now but Bishamon-ten or Zenkoku-ji Temple still looks old and very traditional.

Bishamon-ten (Zenkoku-ji Temple) in Kagurazaka

Bishamon-ten is in the middle of the main street of Kagurazaka.

There are many small cafes and restaurants.  Every facade of shops is unique and seeing those shops is quite fun.

And there is a cafe called “Hon-ya Cafe” which means “Bookstore Cafe”.  Nowadays western large bookstore chains like Barnes & Nobles in the US or Waterstones in UK have coffee shops inside so maybe it’s not really surprising but this small bookstore allows you to read books before you buy while having a cup of coffee.

Book Store Cafe in Kagurazaka

Book Store + Cafe in Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka is a very small town so even if you don’t have bicycles, no problem at all.  And when you are biking, please be aware of the pedestrians.  On Sundays, vehicles are shut down and people are walking all over and since the area is quite popular, it is quite crowded.


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