River Crossing Bike Route to Shibamata and Edogawa River – Tradition and Riverview

If you visit Shibamata area, be sure to take time to walk around the area.  There is not only the temple of Taishakuten but many other worth-visiting places.  If you have your bicycle, it will be enjoyable to bike from Ueno area to Shibamata because you will cross several rivers and you can have beautiful river views.

Here is a bike route I took.


Route map for Shibamata And Edogawa River From Myogadani by YT walkingbikingjapan on plotaroute.com

Even if you don’t have a bicycle, try to go to the bank of Edogawa River.  There is a nice rode for walking, running and cycling with a great view of the river.  And in the river, there is a crossing service by small boats called Yagiri-no-watashi which goes back to Edo-era between 17th and 19th century.  Yagiri is the name of the village located across the river which is at present, Matsudo City of Chiba Prefecture.  Yes the river is the border between Tokyo and Chiba.

For Japanese people, everyone knows Shibamata because of the famous Japanese movie series of Tora-san.  Thanks to Wikipedia, I found an English explanation!  I am very surprised that all of 48 films of Tora-san’s series have English explanations.  These are the stories of a guy called Tora-san who was born in Shibamata.  He travels around Japan but sometimes comes back to his home near from Taishakuten Temple.  His home is a rice dumpling shop and one of those shops in Shibamata was actually used during the movie shooting.  Tora-san played by Jiro Atsumi is not a handsome guy but has a warm heart and always takes care of those in troubles.  He is a kind of national hero.  This movie series is so successful because of the characters and actors in the movies but I also think that the movies describe traditional good old Japan vividly.  One of the actor Chishu Ryu played the role of the priest at Taishakuten Temple but he was also an actor of world popular Yasujiro Ozu.  Like Ozu’s films, if you watch Tora-san series, you can feel the atmosphere of Tokyo several decades ago with traditional houses and furnitures and people gathering at the living room with tatami mat.

If you go to Shibamata by public transport, you will take Keisei Line.  In the Station Square of Shibamata, there is a statue of Tora-san.  Recently, a new statue of Sakura who is Tora-san’s little sister joined here.


Statue of Sakura in Shibamata

And while you are walking or cycling, drop by one of those rice dumpling cake shops which looks like Tora-san’s home.  You can eat in but there are dumplings to go as well.


Rice Dumpling Cakes of Shibamata


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