Walking Biking through Water Park to Tokyo Sky Tree

Kameido Tenjin Shrine is located in downtown of Tokyo which has many sightseeing spots.  I wrote about Hokusai Museum and Eko-in Temple nearby some time ago.  At that time, I mentioned about Oyokogawa Water Park where you can have a good view of Tokyo Sky Tree.

If you visit Sumida Hokusai Museum to see the woodblock prints of Hokusai’s Ukiyoe, I recommend you to go to Oyokogawa Water Park.  From there, you can not only see the Tokyo Sky Tree but also you can walk to the tower through the park.

Sumida Hokusai Museum is between Ryogoku Station and  Kinshicho Station of JR Sobu Line.  If you walk toward Kinshicho, there is a shopping mall called Olinus.  It looks like shopping malls in Europe and in the US.  There is a food court as well as several restaurants and cafes.  In front of Olinus, there is Kinshi Park where people were enjoying sunshine.

Oyokogawa Water Park is a few block back towards Sumida Hokusai Museum.  This greenery 1800-meter long park is just 14 years old.  The landscape of streams, bridges, plants and flowers is like countryside.

The very northern part of the park is a foot of Tokyo Sky Tree.  There is a mirror reflecting the Sky Tree tower where you can take a photo of you and the tower.

For Today’s Route:

Visit: Sumida Hokusai Museum To Tokyo Skytree on plotaroute.com


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