Photo of the Day – Walking in Odaiba

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in Bicycle Ride in Tokyo and biked through Tokyo Bay area.  There are not so many cars in this area and it’s really good for cycling.  And this time, I once again came to Tokyo Bay area and this time, enjoyed walking and shopping.

I first went to Venus Fort and then to Decks. These are shopping malls opened more than 15 years ago.  We first went to Venus Fort from Aomi Station of Yurikamome Mono Rail Station.

Venus Fort is  a western-style shopping mall and inside the building looks like streets in Italian towns. The mall is indoor but it looks like you are walking some European cities. 

From there to Decks, it was about 10 minute walk.  There are shops and indoor amusement park Tokyo Joypolice. What we enjoyed most here is old-looking retro-style shops that sell snacks, stationery, toys and everything which used to be popular some 40-50 years ago. In those days, there were many small shops like these near my house and kids always gathered in those shops. 


Vinus Fort in Aomi

And after that, we walked to Odaiba where you can see the Rainbow Bridge and have a glimps of the Statue of the Liberty.  It is another 10-15 minute walk from Decks. 

If you look at the other side, there is an interesting-looking building which is Fuji TV Station.

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