Bike Ride Course in Tokyo

Today, I participated in a bicycle event “Bicycle Ride in Tokyo”.  Starting from Hibiya Park, I enjoyed cycling while seeing bay area Tokyo’s sightseeing spots.  It was 28-kilo meter ride.  Here is today’s route map.Bike course of Bicycle Ride in Tokyo

Here is the detailed information of the route.

Hibiya Park – It’s worth visiting here even if you are not going to anywhere else nearby.  Lots of greens and flowers.  If you go there on weekends, you may bump into some festivals or events.  Today, they had Thai Food Festival.

Toranomon Hills – Newly developed business district.  There is Aman Tokyo Hotel.  Streets around this area are also newly constructed and they have nice bike paths, too.

Shiodome – Office area

Ginza – Everybody knows this shopping district!

Tsukiji – I was surprised to know there were so many tourists even on Sunday.  The fish market is of course closed but it seems there are several shops open on Sundays.

Kachidoki Bridge – Bridge over the Sumida River

Toyosu – You will have splendid bay area view along the way.

Tsukishima – Many parts of the bay area are developed quite recently but Tsukishima is a traditional fishermen’s town so you can feel such atmosphere.

Etchujima Park – The park along the Toyosu Canal.  You can see the high-rise residential area of Okawabata River City across the canal.  The park itself is a viewing spot of cherry blossoms.

Kiyosu Bridge – Bridge over the Sumida River

Hamacho Ryokudo Walking Path – Green area with many cherry trees.

Ningyocho – Street with traditional shops.

Nihonbashi – Shopping district near from Ginza.  More traditional shops than in Ginza.

Imperial Palace – You can enjoy “Palace Cycling” on Sundays during April and May (don’t they have this event after June?).  You can bring your own bikes but there are rental bikes, too.

Jinbocho – Town of antiquarian bookstores.

Chidorigafuchi – One of the most famous cherry blossoms viewing spots.

Hanzoumon & Sakuradamon – “Mon” is “Gate” in Japanese.  There were many gates around the castle (the current Imperial Palace).

Welcome back to Hibiya Park!


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