Cherry Blossoms in Asukayama Park

Asukayama Park is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo from centuries ago.  It was Shogun Yoshimune in early 18th century who started opening this park to the general public and allowed them to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.  There were Ukiyoe paintings which showed cherry blossoms and people picnicing.


Asukayama in Ukiyoe Painting

The culture of cherry blossom viewing even amazed oversea visitors to Japan.  A Scottish botanist Robert Fortune visited this area during 19th century and praised people in Tokyo for their picnic culture in his book Yedo and Peking; A Narrative of a Journey to the Capitals of Japan and China written in 1863.

Some of the cherry blossoms are already gone now but let me show you this year’s view.

There are several public transportation you can use to go to Asukayama Park.  It is near from Oji Station of JR and Tokyo metro.  There is tram station Asukayama Park nearby.  The tram way runs in peaceful space as if it is some country side, not a big city like Tokyo.

Inside Asukayama Park, there is another public transportation which brings you from the bottom to the top of Asukayama – a mono rail.  An escargot-like shape mono rail called “Asukarugo” is very cute and people make a long line to ride on it.

From the top of the mountain Asukayama, you can see Oji Shrine over the cherry trees.


Viewing Oji Shrine from Asukayama Park

For More Information on Asukayama Park

Address: 1-3 Oji 1-chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo


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