Pets’ Monuments in Eko-in Temple

When I visited Sumida Hokusai Museum, I also went to a temple nearby.  Eko-in Temple in Ryogoku Area has several interesting monuments.

GFDL, Link

This temple opened in 1657.  This Ukiyoe painting by Hiroshige Ando shows the bridge crossing the Sumida River to Eko-in Temple.  This temple was the origin of sumo wrestling dedicated to the God and when the wrestling was open to the public, people crossed the bridge to see the show.  There is a ladder-lokking tower in front.  This is Sumo Tower where they beat the drum when they showed sumo wrestling.

100 views edo 005.jpg
By 歌川広重Online Collection of Brooklyn Museum, パブリック・ドメイン, Link

The first interesting monuments are pets’ monuments to console the souls of your pets.  The temple has various kinds of pets’ monuments – monuments for cats, dogs, birds and Wikipedia says they even have a monument for seals (which I have not realized).

For More Information on Eko-in Temple

Address: 8-10 Ryogoku 2-chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


Japan Visitor Website



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