Animals in Shrine

Shrines usually have foxes as guards. Sometimes monkeys are worshiped in shrines. Ono Terusaki Shrine in Shitaya, Tokyo is one of those who have foxes and monkeys.

This is the main shrine.   The origin of this shrine goes back to 852.  The shrine came to the current location during the middle of 17th century.

Apart from this main shrine, there are some more small shrines in the property.

This is Orihime Inari Shrine which worships Orihime, the goddess of love.

In front of the entrance, there are two statues of guards which are foxes. Shrines usually have dogs but Inari shrines always have foxes.  But the foxes in this shrine show unique  postures. They look like dancing.

Another shrine is Sengen Jinja Shrine which worships Mr. Fuji.

Behind the gate, there is a small hill which is a miniature Mr. Fuji.  This six-meter high mountain was made of molten rocks of real Mt. Fuji.  If you visit Mt. Fuji, you will pass mountain stations up to 10th.  This small miniature also has mountain stations from the first to tenth.  Usually it is closed but every year, on June 30th and July 1st, it will be open to the public and you can actually climb this small mountain.

And at the gate of this shrine, a monkey welcomes you.

And there is Koshinzuka which worships monkeys. There are many Koshinzuka throughout all over Japan but this one is one of the three major Koshinzuka in Japan.  The other two are in Kyoto and in Gifu.  As you can see, there are many monkey gods inside.

And one more animal in the shrine – I found a cat living here.


For More Information on Ono Terusaki Shrine

Address: 13-14 Shitaya 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo


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