Walking, Biking & Tramming in Tokyo

I still remember yellow trams were running in Shinobazu-dori Avenue during 1960s or maybe in early 70s.  They were running in Kasuga-dori Avenue, too.  Gone are the good old days and now those tram routes became bus routes or subway routes under the ground.  But one route still remains with old yellow trains.  That yellow tram car, type 7000 is going to finally retire soon.

The tram runs between Minowabashi and Waseda.  You can check the detailed information here.  It seems there are not so many old tram cars in service.  I went to Minowabashi and from there took a tram but I saw only one yellow tram running.  Today, there are several types of tram cars in service but the latest version has retro-flavored design.  Wooden-built Minowabashi Station also looks like a station in old days.  And this station has very old advertisement posters on the wall.  I remember seeing these posters when I was a kid.

Near from the Minowabashi Station, there is a shopping street called “Joyful Minowa”.  I will write about this street later.

Along the tram route, there is a station called Arakawa Shakomae Station.  Arakawa Shako is a name of the tram garage and the station is in front of this garage.  There is a small square by the garage where old tram cars are exhibited.

I was quite surprised that the tram was crowded.  I brought my folding bike but to tell the truth, it was not a very good idea.  It was OK at Minowabashi Station because it is the starting station.  But I got off at Arakawa Shakomae Station  to see the tram garage.  I managed to get on the tram again but it was very difficult to move inside with a folding bike.  I was planning to get off at Asukayama but I gave up the idea because I could not reach to the exit.

So if you ride on a tram, it’s better not to bring a large luggage with you.

For More Information on Tram Arakawa Line

Visit Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s website.


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