Temple of Emma Deity

Well, I don’t know this is the right translation – Emma Deity.  Emma is one of guardian deities and since the old days, every child dreads Emma.  Parents would say “if you tell a lie, Emma-sama will come and pull your tongue off”.  It was believed that after you die, you would come in front of him who had every record what you had done while you were alive.  Emma would examine your deeds and decide if you could go to Paradise or Hell.

There is a temple in Fukagawa which is almost Monzen Nakacho called Hojo-in Temple known as Fukagawa Emma-do.  The god of this temple is Emma.  If you see the inside of the hall, you will see his fearfull face.  But somewhat it is a bit comical.


Outside you will see the statues of the benevolent merciful guardian deities.IMG_1226

The temple was first built in 1629 and twelve years later, it was removed to the current location.  When I visited here, I could not go inside the hall but the main hall has 16 paintings of Paradise and Hell.

For More Information on Fukagawa Emma Do

Address: 16-3 Fukagawa 2-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo


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