Walking & Biking Riverside

It is still a little cold but it was fine day so I did biking to the riverfront.  Starting from Nihombashi area (I biked to Nihombashi from my home, to be precise), took Eitai Dori Avenue which goes to Eitai Bridge.  This bridge has a very beautiful shape.


The river is the Sumida which runs through Tokyo Bay.  There are many branches of the river.  Just before the Eitai-bashi Bridge, there is Reigan-bashi Bridge from which you can see the Nihombashi Lock.  The revier is a branch of the Sumida and is called the Kameshima River.img_1218

If you go further down the Eitai Dori Avenue, you will cross another branch of the Sumida, the Ooshima River.  The small bridge is called Fukushima-bashi Bridge and from there, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree.


You will soon reach to Monzen Naka Cho where there are two large shrines of Fukagawa Fudoson and Tomioka Hachimangu.  That will be another story I will tell you later.

If you go up the Sumida River a little and cross the Sumidagawa Oohashi Bridge, you can have a good look at Eitaibashi Bridge.


If you go up further, you will see the Kanda River flow into the Sumida.  Interflow section has several fishing boats shops.  You can rent those boats and enjoy fishing in this area.img_1268

If you go up the Kanda River, you will arrive at Asakusabashi.  This is a town of textile stores.  I once wrote about this town a while ago.  Here is the photo I posted at that time.IMG_8912

Here is another post I wrote about the river.


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