500 Statues of Luchans, Buddhism Saints

If you visit Kawagoe, don’t miss Kita-in Temple.  This temple has an architecture where the third Shogun, the top of Edo government in the 17th century was born.  He was actually born in Edo which is current Tokyo but the architecture was later removed to this place.  The main building of the temple is large.  But more than anything else, it is very interesting to see 500 stone-build statues of buddhism saints, luchans.img_0246

The temple was opened in 830.  These statues were curved between 1782 and 1825 and there are 538 in total.  Every statue has different face holding a different pose.  The legend says that if you caress the heads in the midnight, there is one which is warm and the face of that statue should resemble your parent.

Kita-in is far from Kawagoe Station and from the main street.  It is about 20-minute walk from Kawagoe Station.  You can also take a bus which goes around Kawagoe area stopping at major tourist spots.  Here is the information about the bus route.


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