Biking in Kawagoe, the Little Edo Town

“Edo” is Tokyo in old days.  Kawagoe City located on the north of Tokyo is called as Koedo which means “little Edo” because the town has historic streetscapes of Edo era.

Thirty-minute train ride from Ikebukuro will take you to this historic town.  But even when you go out of the station, you cannot find this streetscape.  It will take a long walk or a bus ride until you arrive at this place.  So it was lucky of me to take a bike with me.  It was about 10-minute bike ride.

There is a main street with old houses.  If you go to branch streets, you will find another historic streetscapes.

Access to Kawagoe
Take a train or metro to Kawagoe Station or Hon-Kawagoe Station.  From there, walk to Main Street.



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