Book Festival Until Nov.6!

I wrote about Antiquarian Bookshops in Jimbocho in July this year.  Jimbocho is a town of bookshops and they hold annual book fair at the end of October.  This year’s festival already began and it will end next Sunday.Not only Japanese but oversea travelers can enjoy this book festival because there are several bookshops who sell imported books.  There are quite a few bookshops who have Ukiyoe paintings.

They provide free maps but unfortunately it’s in Japanese.img_0103

But at the bottom of the right side of this map, the sign says “CatalogPocket is downloaded!” – I am not sure if this English phrase is appropriate but anyway if you look inside, there is a QR code for the app called “Catalog Pocket”.  If you download this app, you will have the map of Jimbocho written in several languages.

One of the good bookshops who has English books is Kitazawa Shoten Bookshop.  But oh, god, they don’t have English website.  Their site is in Japanese only.

Another bookshop called Ogawa Tosho has a website which is a mixture of Japanese and English so this one is better for you.  This shop is closed on Sunday.

During the Book Festival, the town is very crowded.


There are food stands as well.  Thai noodles were very good.



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