Yoyogi Park

If you are biking in Shibuya, Yoyogi area is almost next door.  It will take you only five-minute ride.  Yoyogi Park is like Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London.  It’s in the middle of the big city but you will forget the bustle of the city.  And still you will have a glimpse of skyscrapers.img_0059

There is a cycling course in the park and you can bring your own bikes but you can rent a bike as well.  When Tokyo Olympic Games were held in Tokyo in 1964, athelets’ village was built in Yoyogi area.  After the Olympics, the property was renovated and opened in 1967 as Yoyogi Park.

The park is about 540 thousand square meters or about 250 acres and is the 4th largest park in Tokyo.

Meiji Shrine is just outside or next door of Yoyogi Park.  I will upload more information soon but here are some photos.



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