The River View in Tokyo

The Sumida River which is one of the most famous river in Tokyo is a branch of Arakawa River.  It started from the northern part of Tokyo and flows into Tokyo Bay.  The total length is 23.5km.  Along the river stretches the pathways which are pleasant promenades for walking and biking.

I first went to Harumi Wharf which has a cruise terminal.  From Ginza, take Harumi-dori Avenue and you will pass Kachidoki Bridge which goes over the Sumida River.  The construction of the bridge was first planned after the war between Japan and Russia when a group of people started planning the bridge for the shout of triumph. “Kachidoki” means the “shout of triumph”.  However it was not realized until 1940.img_9995


View from the Kachidoki Bridge

This is one of the very few draw bridge but the last time the bridge was raised for the ships was in 1967.  After 1980, the provision of the electricity to the bridge was stopped so now the bridge cannot be raised unfortunately.

In Harumi Wharf, there is a park from which you can see the Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay.

Walking along the riverside promenade is refreshing.  There are several bridges and ships and cargo vessels go up the river.  This area experienced a large-scale residential developement and there are many skyscrapers and tower mansions along the river.

Canals and small rivers were branched from the Sumida River some of which have lock gates.img_0009

Useful information:

  • From Ginza to Harumi Wharf — 30 minutes by bike
  • Interesting bridges across the Sumida River near Harumi — Kachidoki Bridge, Tsukuda Oohashi Bridge and Eitai Bridge



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