Koshin-to, Monuments of Monkeys

In old days Japan, there was a certain type of religion called Koshin which originally meant a certain day under the Chinese zodiac calender.  On this day, people stayed up to make poems, play board games, have parties, etc.  Koshin under the zodiac calender is a monkey.  Therefore, later on during Edo Era between 16th – 19th century, it turned into a custom to worship monkeys.  In some shrines, there are Koshin-to which was built by the worshipers of Koshin.img_9781

The above is a photo of Toyosakae Inari Shrine in Shibuya.  This shrine has 13 Koshin-to altogether.  Many of them have carvings of three monkeys.img_9782

This is the main building of the Shrine.


Address: 4-7 Shibuya 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

For more information abouth the religion of Koshin, I found an interesting website.  It does not have much explanation but you will find a wide variety of Koshin-to.


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