Shops in Yanaka

Yanaka Ginza is a famous shopping street in Yanaka area.  But Yanaka or Yanesen area (Yanaka, Sendagi and Nezu) has many narrow side streets and when you go into those streets, you will find many small shops.  One of the fun things to do in this area is to walk randomly and find interesting shops by coincidence.

1. Mikado Bakery

Mikado Bakery which stands by a large Himalayan cedar tree is one of those interesting shops.

Once the owner of the shop had this cedar in a small plant pot but it grew bigger and bigger like this!  This tree is now a symbol of Yanaka.

Address: 6-15 Yanaka 1-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo

2. Nennekoya

With some reason, there are many cats in Yanesen area, some of them are stray cats and some are house cats.  And there are many shops which sell cat-related goods.

Nennekoya is one of those shops but this is a cafe.img_9621

I didn’t go inside this cafe but it seems there are only four seats.  But you can make a reservation and also to go is OK.  For more details, go to this tabelog site.

Address: 1-4 Yanaka 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo

3. Zensho-an Temple

Finally, this is not a shop but let me show you a unique temple.  Zensho-an Temple has a very large golden statue of Buddha in the cemetery.


This temple is famous for the tomb of rakugo storyteller, San’yutei Encho who were active in the late 19th century.img_9617

Address: 4-7 Yanaka 5-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo


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