Revisiting Temples in Yanaka

I have wrote about an interesting tombstone in Eikyu-ji Temple in Yanaka.  I mentioned about the tomb of Robun.  This is his tombstone.  It is a bit hard to see but there is a relief of Buddha on the stone.IMG_9602

1. Eikyu-ji Temple

I also wrote about the monument of stray cats.


Besides this monument, there is a tower to commemorate cats.


You can see the hole in the middle of the tower.  If you look into this hole, you will find a cat sleeping.


I also found cute statues of frogs on the steps.

Address: 2-37 Yanaka 4-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo


2. Ryukoku-ji Temple

This temple is a neighbour of Eikyu-ji Temple.  Ryukoku-ji is an interesting temple because it has a god for frog or phlegm.

It seems the temple worship the Japanese samurai called Yoshitada Sanada who was said to suffer from athma or phlegm.

Adress: 2-35 Yanaka 4-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo


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