Local Foods in Hokuriku and Takayama

Since the start of Hokuriku Shinkansen in 2015, Hokuriku Region became very popular although even before the Shinkansen, it had been a famous tourism spot.  I have been writing about Takayama – a Traditional TownscapePhoto of the Day – Shirakawago and Gokayama and Medicine in Toyama and I will add one more topic.  The Foods.

Hokuriku Region is one of the top rice-producing areas in Japan.  Therefore, it is also one of the top sake-brewing regions.  You can visit sake breweries.  One of them is Hirase Shuzo in Takayama.  (Note: To be precise, Takayama is usually not included in Hokuriku Region but it’s in Chubu Region.)IMG_9372

Gohei-mochi is popular local snack in this region.  It’s made of rice.  The rice cake with miso paste is baked on charcoal and served hot.

Wherever you go in Hokuriku and Takayama, you can smell the savoury miso flavour on the streets.


Another popular local snack is Oyaki.
It’s a kind of baked dumpling cake and the filling is different from region to region.  The filling in Takayama is usually salty-sweet-fried ground beef.

You can taste these snacks in Shirakawago and Okayama, too.

Apart from these snacks, skewered baked dumplings are everybody’s favourite.  You will find many stalls baking dumplings on the streets in this region.  Sometimes they bake rice crackers instead.

As I said above, Takayama area is famous for brand beef called Hida Beef.  Therefore Japanese inn often serves beef dishes.

These are Shabu shabby beef and steamed beef and vegetables.

It’s not dishes only in this region but Robata Yaki is a typical country-side dishes.  You put skewered foods by the fireside.  Usually you will put fishes and shrimps.

Here are beautifully served Japanese cuisine.


Lastly, Tofu is a specialty of Okayama.




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