Takayama – a Traditional Townscape

If you visit Shirakawago and Gokayama, maybe you will also visit Takayama which is near from the World Heritage Site, though FYI, it’s not a walking- or biking-distance.  It’s about one-hour drive.  This is also a historic town developed with Takayama Castle which was established in 1585.  It is often called as Hida Takayama – Hida is a name of the region where Takayama locates.

Sannomachi has the most picturesque streetscape in this town.  There are shops of souvenirs, potteries, sweets and rice crackers, Japanese pickles, miso, sake, etc.

For more information about Hida Takayama, visit Takayama City’s website.


Takayama celebrates a famous Takayama Festival which is held in April and October. During the festival, people pull large festival floats through the town.  For more detailed information, visit japan-guide.com site



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