Old & New Shops in Azabu Juban

Azabu Juban is a traditional shopping town.  Apart from the unique scenery, you can enjoy walking streets, finding old sweet shops, traditional restaurants, and sometimes modern new comers.  One of the most famous and popular shops is Naniwa-ya, a taiyaki shop.IMG_8891

150x150_square_23298179Taiyaki is a fish-shaped pancake with bean curd inside.

8-14 Azabu Juban 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Closed on every Tuesday and the third Wednesday)


Here are some of the famous shops in Azabu Juban.

There is a square in the centre of Azabu Juban called Patio Juban where you will see a statue of a small girl.IMG_8895

The girl’s name is Kimi-chan and there is an old children’s song about her.  Kimi-chan was wearing red shoes and the song says she was gone abroad with a blue-eyed foreigner.  But it is also said that by the time she was leaving Japan, she got TB so she couldn’t go abroad. Instead, she was sent to an orphanage near Azabu Juban where she finally died.

There are many small shops here and it’s fun to walk along the streets seeing those shops. Restaurants, sweets shops, boutiques, cafes, etc.  New shops are mingled naturally among old shops.

And if you turn into a narrow streets, you will be in the middle of deep green residencial area.


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