Fireworks – Summer Tradition in Japan

The most famous fireworks festivals in Japan is that of Sumida River which is annually held at the end of July.  But there are many fireworks festivals throughout summer in Japan.  Every weekend, there are festivals somewhere in Japan.

On August 6th, there was Teganuma Fireworks Festival in Abiko City and Kashiwa City.  The launch pad of fireworks is Teganuma Lake and from there, many kinds of fireworks were set off during one-and-half-hour show.

Fireworks Festival in Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture is said to be the most gorgeous.  It was held on August 2nd and 3rd this year.

Another big festival is held on August 27th in Omagari in Akita Prefecture.  Unfortunately, the website is Japanese only but the top page shows you some of the examples of gorgeous fireworks.

The festival in Yamagata seems to be big, too.  Akagawa Fireworks Festival will be held on August 20th.

img_hanabiI found that most of the websites of fireworks festivals were Japanese only which was a pity.  But there is one English site and this must be a very special event because it’s held in Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima.  Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival will be held on August 11th.  It looks very beautiful.  Itsukushima Shrine itself is of course a must visit place for your travel in Japan.  Here are recap of my posting of the Shrine.  I visited there when I went to Hiroshima.



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