Oji Shrine and Seki Shrine

As I wrote yesterday, today’s posting is about Oji Shrine which is near from Otonashi Riverside Park.  According to Wikipedia, the time which this shrine was first built was not known but it seems some time during 11th century.  In 14th century, the shrine was rebuilt and it was named as Oji Shrine.

The very unique point of this shrine is that it has another shrine inside which is dedicated to hair.IMG_9216

The pillar by the red shrine has Chinese characters on it which read Kezuka which means Monument for Hair.  Once upon a time, there was Prince Semimaru who was a poet.  His sister had troubles with her downward-pointing hair, cowlick.  So he orderd his abigail to make her a wig.  After that, Semimaru was worshiped as God of Hair.  And after he died, he was honored in Semimaru Shrine in Gifu.  During Edo Era (some time between 17th – 19th century), those who admired Semimaru, mainly wig makers, built a shrine here.

Like Otonashi Riverside Park, Oji Shrine is in deep green.  Inside the Shrine’s property, there is a huge ginkgo tree.


The size of this tree was measured in 1924 and according to that record, the round was 6.36m and the height was 19.69m.  It is said that this tree is older than 600 years.  The explanation board says that the current neight as of 2013 is 24.2m.

Address: 1-12 Oji Honcho 1-chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo

Near from here: Kyu-Furukawa Garden


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