Omotesando Hills

A few monthsIMG_7782 ago, I wrote about Otsuka Women’s Apartment House which was one of the apartment houses of Dojunkai.  There was another famous Dojunkai’s apartment houses in Omotesando and the redevelopment of the site after it was demolished attracted lots of attention a few years ago.  Once the state-of-the-art apartment houses is now a trendy shopping complex, Omotesando Hills.

There is Omotesando Gallery at the corner of Omotesando Hills which used a part of the original Dojunkai Apartment House.  The atmosphere of those days are well-preserved.IMG_9143

The next to this gallery is a shopping complex.  The architecture was designed by Tadao Ando.


Omotesando area has many brand shops along the street.  The architecture is also unique and interesting so it’s a good place to walk around.  The street is lined with zelcova trees so you don’t have to walk under the strong sunshine.

Address: 12-10 Jingumae 4-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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