Ningyo-cho – Shopping in Old Shops

Ginza and Nihombashi are famous traditional shopping spots.  If you walk some more, you can find another shopping spot of local colour.  That is Ningyo-cho.

There are many old shops of local artisans, traditional and historic restaurants, and beautiful streetscapes of old houses.


Shops includes grocery stores, souvenir shops, sweets shops, craftman’s shops and so on.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it is enjoyable just walking the streets in this area looking those shops.  One of my favorite is Kotobuki-do.  This shop sells Japanese sweets and their symbol sweets is called kogane imo which means golden potatoes.  It’s made from sweet potatoes and the shape looks like sweet potatoes.

The entrance of Kotobuki-do has very traditional atmosphere.  The paper bag of this shop is unique.  You can see many Japanese characters on the paper and these are the names of Japanese sweets.

There are clock-work dolls on the street and every hour, the dolls will move.


Next to Nigyo-cho area is Suitengu.  Suitengu is a name of the shrine of safe child birth.


Near from here:
Ozu Washi – Traditional Paper Shop
Bakuro Yokoyama – Town of Drapers’ Shops


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