Goldfish in Nihombashi

Admiring goldfish was one of the luxury during summer time in Edo Era (17th – 19th Century).  At first, they were expensive as they were imported from China.  Soon goldfish farming started and by the end of Edo Era, ordinary citizens enjoyed having goldfish at home.

Until September 25, there is an event called Art Aqualium in Nihombashi.  (This event is held in Osaka and Kanazawa, too.)  The venue is COREDO Muromachi 1, a shopping complex.  The entrance fee is 1,000 yen and you will see thousands of goldfish.

There is an English website of this event, but unfortunately they don’t show you many photos.  But you can take photos inside, so I will show you what I took.

The big goldfish bowl was illuminated and the colour of the illumination changed from time to time.  So the same flock of goldfish looked quite different in other colours.

Some of the bowls were traditional faceted glass work called edo kiriko.  And there was a folding screen made of goldfish bowl.  Goldfish in it was like painting pattern.

If you want to go there, be careful – there may be a long line.  I visited there in the afternoon of Sunday and had to wait over 60 minutes.  If you go there at night, you can have a cocktail while looking at goldfish.




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