Bakuro Yokoyama – Town of Drapers’ Shops

The other day, I went to Nihombashi.  Near here is Bakuro Yokoyama which is famous for drapers’ shops.

I was on a middle of my cycling and I first stopped at Asakusabashi.  Asakusabashi is a name of a bridge over the Kanda River and from the bridge, you can see yakatabune or houseboats.  Cruising on houseboats is a traditional summer joy.IMG_8912

I found a website of Tokyo Yakatabune Association.  You can check what it is, its history, how to book, etc.

Next to Asakusabashi is Bakuro Yokoyama.  There are many wholesalers of drapers.IMG_8836

The first wholesalers appeared here in the late 18th century.  There are shops of drapers, clothing fabrics, towels, small gift and so on.  It seems shops closes fairly early.  I went there just before 6pm and most of the stores were already closed.  So I couldn’t take many photos here.  So for more information, please check here.


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