Ozu Washi – Traditional Paper Shop

I went to Nihonbashi area by bike.  It’s good to cycle around the area as there are many traditional shops and interesting spots.  I visit this area quite often but this time, I found an old paper shop called Ozu Washi for the first time.

They not only sell many kinds of Japanese paper washi but also they have a museum which exhibits washi paper and explains how to make them.  And they have a studio where you can try to make your own paper.

Unfortunately, they have Japanese site only.  Though it’s in Japanese only, you can at least see what they have.  Maybe you can try to call them for the information about paper-making studio.  Here is some information in English.  I hope it works… (Please note that the English URL here does not exist now.)


This papercraft is particularly interesting.  This is a paper which was made to look like leather and it was used as a wall paper.  Craftmen who could produce this did not exist until a few years ago but one person Takashi Ueda has restored this traditional work.








Address: Ozu Honka Bldg, 6-2 Nihombashihoncho 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Access: 2min from Shin-Nihombashi Station (JR Soubu Line) Exit No.5
5min from Mitsukoshi-Mae Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza & Hanzomon Line)
Exist A6
5min from Kodnma-cho Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) Exit No.3



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