Mitarai, Streetscape of Traditional Houses

Recently I returned to Hiroshima again and this time, visited several other places nearby.  The first stop was Mitarai District in Kure City.  This is a port town of Osaki Shimojima Island.


Historically this small town was a strategic stop for maritime transport and a grid-pattern streets in this town is  beautifully lined with old houses which have brown doors and walls on the first floor and white walls on the second floor.

The marvellous streetscape is well-preserved through devoted activities to maintain the traditional scenery.

There are several Japanese restaurants in Mitarai District and some of them serve traditional conger bowl – conger is eel-like fish.


Osaki-Shimojima Island is an island in the middle of Seto Inland Sea.  The scenery in this area is remarkable – islands after islands after islands.



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