Kintaikyo Bridge

When I visited Hiroshima, I went there with my family and we had a car.  Therefore, we stayed in Hiroshima and one day we visited Yamaguchi Prefecture which is adjacent to Hiroshima.

There, we wanted to see Kintaikyo Bridge.  It has a beautiful shape made by five arches and it was made of woods.  The bridge has a history of fight against floodings.  People wanted a bridge which could resist against the flooding.  The first five-arch bridge was built in 1673 but it was destroyed by the flooding in 1674.  They strengthened the flagstones and rebuilt it in the same year which successfully lasted until 1950.  The bridge was once again rebuilt and the current bridge is the one rebuilt in 2004.IMG_6653

All Nippon Airways has a cool site which explains about this bridge with lots of photos.  It has information of access with a map.


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