I have been to Hiroshima several times but last summer, I visited Miyajima for the first time.There is one of the most famous shrine in Japan – Itsukushima Shrine with its floating torii gate.IMG_6589

When I visited, the sea was at low water so the gate was not floating:-) But still, it was stunningly beautiful.  According to the old story, it was said that the shrine was built in 593.  The torii gate in the sea was first built in 1241 and the main building was built in 1571.

There were many deer who were regarded as emissaries of gods in Miyajima.

Opening hours: generally 6am – 5pm (6pm in summer time, 5:30pm in autumn)
Treasure house opens 8am – 5pm.
Fee: if you just visit the main building adults 300 yen (childeren and students pay cheaper fees), if you also visit the treasure house, additional 500 yen.

For more information about the Shrine, please visit here.

For the access information, please visit here.

By the way, Itsukushima Shrine is in the middle of the sea water when the tide is high and it reminds many people of Mont-Saint-Michel.  Both are designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.  The cities of Hatsukaichi (where Itsukushima Shrine belongs to) and Mont-Saint-Michel contracted sister-cities affiliation.IMG_6581

Hiroshima is also famous for its past experience of bombing of atomic bomb.  Recently President Obama visited the site for the first time as US President in-service.


A-bomb Domb


Through the arch of the monument, you can see the A-bomb Dome.


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