Walls in Yanaka

Yanaka which I posted several times is a town of temples.  Many of them go back to 17th or 18th century.

1. Tsukiji Bei

IMG_8661The wall of Kan’non-ji Temple has a history of 200 years, too.  It’s called “Tsukiji Bei”.  It’s made by stacking clays and roof tiles alternately.

Apart from this Tsukiji Bei, there are more walls which you may find interesting.









I wrote about Yanaka Cemetery a few days ago but there are interesting graves outside of the cemetery in the temples in this area.

2. Anryu-ji Temple


One of such temples is Anryu-ji Temple.  This temple was established in 1630.  Inside, you will find a tomb of a famous Japanese painter, Kanzan Shimomura which has a statue of himself.

Address of Anryu-ji:
3-17 Yanaka 5-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo



3. Eikyu-ji Temple

Another interesting temple is Eikyu-ji Temple which has a famous writer Robun’s tomb.


It is said that the image of the Goddess of Kannon was curved in the tombstone.  But it was just an ordinary stone and I didn’t realize it was a tomb of a famous person.

Instead, I thought another monument at the entrance of the temple.


But this monument is “Cat Monument” which has a carving of cat’s face.  But this is not just a cat’s face.  His name Robun in Chinese character 魯文 was curved.  He really like cats and cared for his cats so much that he made cats’ tomb when a couple of his cats died.


Address of Eikyu-ji Temple: 2-37 Yanaka 4-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo

As always, you can enjoy streetscape of traditional houses.  Here are several photos I have not uploaded yet.

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