Kan’ei-ji Temple in Ueno

Current Ueno Park used to be property of Kan’ei-ji Temple 400 years ago.  Opened in 1625 by the third Shogun, it had been a family temple of Shogun, the Tokugawa Family.

During Edo era between 17th and late 19th century, Kan’ei-ji was a prosperous temple with vast property in Ueno area.  At present, Kan’ei-ji has 19 temples in the group but at the peak time, there were as many as 36.  However in 1868, there was a fight between the Shogun side and the new government side supported by the regional force called Ueno War and the large part of the temple as well as Ueno area was destroyed.


Kan’ei-ji after Ueno War

But in 1875, the temple was rebuilt again.  During the World War II, the most of the mausoleum of Shogun was destroyed, but some of the architect still remains.


This is a roof tile used in the temple.  It’s called oni gawara which means a roof tile of monster.  It was taken out when the temple was renovate due to the aging structure.  The new building of the temple has similar tiles.

This simple-looking rock is a monument or a tumulus of insects.  It says that this was built in 1821 and that the purpose is to console the spirits of insects that had been used as models for a sketchbook Chuchijo, drawn by Sessai Mashiyama.


The Insect Quire by Sessai Masuyama (Source: Tokyo National Museum)

By the way, when I wrote about Ueno Park, I mentioned about a dutch doctor Dr. Bauduin who found Ueno Park (my post on May 24).  When I visited Kan’ei-ji, I walked Ueno Park again and this time I found his statue.IMG_8656

Address: 14-11 Ueno Sakuragi 1-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Near from here:



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