Human Remains Discovered in Myogadani – Christian Mansion

Christianity was prohibited during Edo era of 17th-19th Century but some missionary priests tried to enter into Japan.

One of such priests was Giovanni Battista Sidotti and after being interviewed by a high-rank official Hakuseki Arai, he was sent to Kirishitan Yashiki or Christian Mansion in Kohinata, Tokyo.  Sidotti was the last priest interned in this place.  After he died, the mansion was burnt down and was never rebuilt.  So at present, there is only a monument here.  It’s only a few-minute walk from Myogadani Station of Tokyo Metro.

But last April, a new fact about this place was revealed.  This is a residencial area and recently, a develper did digging here in order to build an apartment house.  Several sets of human remains were found out and the research confirmed that one of the sets were bones of Priest Sidotti.  Here is a report of Japan Times.

Address: 24-8 Kohinata 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Near from here:


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