Otsuka Women’s Apartment House

There used to be a once-state-of-the-art apartment house in front of Myogadani Station of Tokyo Metro.  It was Otsuka Women’s Apartment House.  It was an apartment house built by an organisation called “Dojunkai”.  Dojunkai was a judiciary foundation established by the Ministry of Finance in order to build residential houses after the great earthquake hit Tokyo in September 1923.

Otsuka Women’s Apartment House was one of the few women-only apartment house and it was modern with luxury atmosphere at that time.  The building became old and fragile and despite of the petition to preserve the architecturally important landmark, it was demolished in 2003.

I found a website which shows you the inside of the apartment house.  Although it’s written in Japanese, you can see the photos of the building including the interior.  Let me share some of the photos.

All the photos are from


The pillar of the entrance of Otsuka Women’s Apartment House

After the building was dismantled, the new office building was set up and sadly there is no trace of this retro-looking apartment house on site.  However, the pillar at the entrance of this apartment house was preserved obscurely.  It is interesting that this pillar is now standing in the back of the supermarket “Santoku” opposite to the Myogadani Station.


Since it’s impossible to see Otsuka Women’s Apartment House in Myogadani, instead of that let’s see the streetscape of Myogadani area.

IMG_8488Between Myogadani Station and Kyoiku-no-mori Park, there is a small park called Kaiserslautern Park.  Bunkyo-ku is a sister city of Kaiserslautern in Germany.  There are unique and modern-looking sculpture in the park.



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