Myogadani Neighbourhood – Sports Centre and Bakery

Myogadani means Valley of myoga, a Japanese ginger.  There used to be a field of yoga in this area over three hundred years ago.

Just a few-minute-walk from the station of Tokyo Metro will bring you to Kyoiku-no-mori Park.  It means the park of the wood of education.  This site used to be the property of Tokyo University of Education which has become Tsukuba University and removed to Tsukuba City.  It’s a park now with a sports centre.

The architecture of the sports centre is worth looking.  It’s modern concrete blocks.

Address: 29-2 Otsuka 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

By the way, I just realised the architect who built this sports centre is Mr. Sachio Otani who built Japan’s first international convention centre in Kyoto, Kyoto International Conference Centre.  This conference centre is architecturally famous building.  Otani was a disciple of another prominent Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange.300px-kyoto_international_conference_center_-_exterior

There is a very delicious bakery Mahl Zeit nearby. They even have an English website so you can check the bread they serve.


There are several interesting monuments and temples in Myogadani area.  So next time, I will introduce some of them.




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